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Earth Drill Range: For Excavators 20T to 45T

Earth Drill Range: For Excavators 20T to 45T

The Earth Drill 35,000 MAX, 42,000 MAX and 65,000 MAX are the perfect choice for excavators between 20T- 45T.

High quality hydraulic motors, output shaft bearings which are 50% larger than our competitors, the use of only high-grade materials and the latest manufacturing techniques mean that these earth drills will give you the reliable service life you need. A 2-Way Valve is an optional extra on this series and enables you to convert a single acting hammer circuit into 2-way auxiliary flow. On these models, an optional pressure relieve valve is available. This is a solenoid valve that can be fitted to ensure that oil flow coming from the excavator, flows into the earth drill at the right amount of pressure (set by the pressure relieve valve) in line with the parameters of the earth drill. Any excess pressure is directed to the return line of the excavator therefore protecting the motor. High quality hoses come as standard. Hydraulic quick couplers are not included as we recommend direct plumbing to avoid flow restriction and to ensure optimal performance.

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    MODEL35000 MAX42000 MAX65000 MAX
    Carrier Weight20-45t20-45t21-45t
    Oil Pressure Range180 - 310 Bar180 - 310 Bar160 - 320 Bar
    Torque Range20510 - 35323 Nm24612 - 42387 Nm33295 - 66589 Nm
    Oil Flow Range80 - 225 lpm *80 - 225 lpm *100 - 280 lpm *
    Speed Range11 - 31 rpm9 - 26 rpm8 - 21 rpm
    Hub Options110mm Square110mm Square110mm Square
    Height1411 mm1411 mm1556 mm
    Width406 mm406 mm406 mm
    Hitch OptionsSingle Pin Hitch
    Double Pin Cradle Hitch
    Single Pin Hitch
    Double Pin Cradle Hitch
    Single Pin Hitch
    Double Pin Cradle Hitch
    Auger RangePAPAPA
    Rec. Drilling Diameter Range300 - 1500 mm300 - 1800 mm300 - 2400 mm
    * Flow rates quoted are continuous, intermittent flow rates up to 225 lpm allowed.

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